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3 Essential Home Gadgets For A Modern Entryway

    When Singaporeans decide to renovate or decorate our home, we usually think about tackling big spaces like the living room, kitchen, or dining room first. After all, we want to be able to proudly show off our home to our guests and these are always the rooms that draw the biggest ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’.

    But there’s one area of the home we tend to overlook despite the part it plays in leaving a good first impression – the entryway!

    Despite its relatively small size compared to other rooms in the house, an entryway is the first space in the home your guests will set their eyes on and is thus key to setting up their expectations for the rest of the home. Even if the rest of the home is beautifully decorated and furnished with the latest design trends, a bare or old-school entryway can make your home seem incomplete.

    One surefire way to modernise and elevate your entryway is by incorporating smart home solutions and other practical time-saving gadgets. With the right gadgets installed you can impress guests before they even step foot into your home and make your own day-to-day routines much more convenient too!

    1. Smart door viewer or doorbell

    Smart door viewers and doorbells are sleek, unintrusive, and an increasingly popular smart home gadget amongst Singaporeans. Commonly equipped with motion sensors, cloud recording, low light and infrared vision, and two-way communication capabilities, these digital door viewers let you easily identify and track visitors to your home.

    Many smart door viewers and doorbells are paired with a corresponding smartphone app that lets you monitor who’s at the door even when you’re home – so you won’t ever need to worry about missing a delivery or spontaneous visit from a relative ever again!

    Brands such as Ring and Arlo are common go-to’s for homeowners but do note that there are some legal considerations to look into first if you live in a HDB flat.

    As these devices come with A/V surveillance capabilities they are considered by HDB to be CCTVs – which cannot be installed in HDB flats if they are facing the common corridor or common areas. This helps to protect your neighbours’ privacy – and vice versa!

    CCTVs can be installed in your HDB flat for up to 6 months if you are facing legitimate security and safety concerns, but require prior HDB approval.

    Homeowners who live in condominiums or landed properties face less restrictions, but might be subject to rules set out by your respective management committees.

    2. Digital door lock

    The next essential item in your modern entryway should be a digital door lock. There are many benefits of a digital smart door lock, such as:

    • Enhanced security with tamper-resistant materials
    • Cutting-edge AI technology
    • Auto-lock features to better protect whoever’s at home
    • Quick and intuitive one-step unlocking
    • Multiple access modes to give you and your household members greater flexibility

    Needless to say a digital door lock makes daily entry and exit so much easier with its keyless features, and facial recognition locks like the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition even enable you to go hands-free for additional convenience. Families (whether with young children or ‘furkids’) in particular can also enjoy not needing to let go of a hand or leash in order to open or close the door – meaning additional security and peace of mind when you want to spend the day outdoors.

    A digital gate lock also helps to complete your brand-new modern home security setup.

    3. Automatic door arm stopper

    To round up your brand-new modern entranceway, don’t forget to add on an automatic door arm stopper or closer to make your home noise-free.

    Mechanisms in an automatic door arm stopper ensure slow, controlled door opening as well as closure – meaning no more loud door slams or being hit in the back by a large heavy door! Opening and closing your door is a daily task for most people and your door and digital lock will naturally go through lots of wear and tear over time. This nifty gadget protects both your door and digital lock from forceful slamming, making them more durable over time and saving you both time and money on potential repairs.

    If you have young children or older relatives at home, noise-free door closures also ensure they won’t be disturbed during important nap or sleep times.

    Begin your Smart Home journey with Kaadas

    These simple gadgets are the key to building up your dream home. Shop a wide range of digital door and gate locks online at Kaadas to get started on your smart home solutions. Each Kaadas purchase even comes with free islandwide delivery and installation in Singapore so you can begin your home transformation fuss-free. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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