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4 Benefits Of Having A Facial Recognition Door Lock

    Facial recognition door access is becoming more common in Singapore and many homeowners who already have digital locks are considering making the switch. Apart from the usual benefits of a keyless security system, facial recognition door locks have certain unique benefits that set them apart from other digital locks.

    Kaadas has just released the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition which is the latest model in Kaadas’ exclusive collection of Lamborghini smart door locks. Built with the same powerful elegance as the Kaadas X Lamborghini (The Legend), this new version now has facial recognition access features for your convenience.

    Find out more about the benefits of facial recognition locks, or get in touch for more information on installing a digital lock in your HDB flat, condominium or landed property. Free delivery and installation available throughout Singapore!

    1. Hands-free access 24-7

    The main benefit of facial recognition door access is having hands-free access throughout the day. Many everyday scenarios can be made easier with hands-free digital locks including:

    • Not needing to put down your groceries before entering the house
    • Being able to tend to your kids and still get the door fully unlocked or locked
    • Accessing your home safely and conveniently with just a push or nudge of the door
    • Household members with faint fingerprints who are unable to use fingerprint recognition will be able to enter and exit home conveniently
    • Household members who work night shifts or irregular hours can also freely open and close the door without worrying about noisy padlocks and keys.

    2. High-level security assurance

    Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition uses a three-dimensional (3D) structured light to cover and capture tens of thousands of recognition points across the face with millimeter-level accuracy. This allows the door access software to capture 3D dynamic information of the face by extracting facial features and bone structure, resulting in a unique 3D face model being created. Additionally, users cannot use a photo or video to unlock the door – so you do not have to worry about strangers gaining access to your home.

    As a unique facial model is required to unlock the door, facial recognition locks can guarantee high-level security access for your HDB , condominium or landed property. Kaadas digital locks also come with multiple access methods including PIN code, fingerprint, card and mechanical key so you can protect your home with multiple levels of security.

    3. Hygienic and safe

    Another popular advantage of facial recognition door access is its hygiene benefits, as you won’t need to handle any keys, padlocks, or even keypads to enter your home. For people with young children, older relatives, or immunocompromised household members, this makes your day-to-day life much more worry-free.

    4. Easy and convenient interface

    The Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition is able to recognise up to 20 unique faces, and you can easily add and remove recognised facial profiles at your own comfort. Unlike other door access modes such as PIN codes or RFID cards, users are not required to memorise passwords or bring along their cards if they wish to enter the home. This makes it an ideal option for households with children or seniors living at home, as you do not have to worry about your family members forgetting their key while out of the house.

    Get the latest Facial Recognition Digital Locks at Kaadas

    The Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition is a digital mortise lock that can be installed in most HDB, condominium and landed property homes in Singapore. Designed in tandem with Lamborghini and engineered by Kaadas scientists and engineers across multiple global research labs, our latest facial recognition door lock brings you cutting-edge technology in a sleek yet powerful design.

    Find out more about your home’s suitability in our FAQs or get in touch with us to arrange for delivery and installation! Bundle promotions are also available online so that you can upgrade your door and gate security in one go.

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