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4 Smart Home Security Solutions For Short-Term Rentals In SG

    When renting out your HDB flat, condominium, or landed property in Singapore, ensuring the security and safety of your house, tenants, and your own family is your top priority. Apart from taking the necessary steps to screen for reliable and trustworthy tenants, potential landlords can also take proactive steps to protect their homes with a variety of smart home devices.

    From Kaadas digital locks to smart cameras, here are 4 essential smart home security solutions to consider before you rent out your room or house:

    1. Smart home security cameras

    Smart security cameras like the Foscam X2 or the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera can help you monitor and keep an eye on your home, its residents, and its visitors. Look out for additional features such as AI human or motion detection, full-colour night vision, 2-way microphone and speaker support, or built-in sirens in case of intruders to enhance the security of your premises.

    2. Digital main door lock

    Whether you’re renting out your whole property or just a single room, traditional main door padlocks can be frustrating to use as you have to frequently change out or replace the key as new tenants arrive.

    An easier alternative would be a digital fingerprint lock like the K9 Digital Lock or L7 Digital Lock. Equipped with fingerprint recognition technology, you can easily add or delete new fingerprints accordingly and give new tenants access instantly without needing to visit a locksmith. Lost or duplicate keys also won’t be an issue, as you will be the only one with access to the fingerprint database.

    For added peace of mind, the R6G (Gate Lock) is a digital gate lock equipped with the latest FPC fingerprint sensor, sensitive touchpad screen for PIN code, RFID access, remote control and mechanical keys. Browse the latest digital lock promotion bundles to enjoy great savings on your R6G (Gate Lock) when you purchase any Kaadas digital lock.

    3. Digital room lock

    If you are only renting out individual rooms within your property while continuing to live there, digital door locks for the room or other shared areas of the house can help ensure security and privacy for both your tenant(s) and your family members.

    The R7-2 Digital Lock comes with PIN code and RFID access modes, and can store up to 10 individual PIN codes along with 1 master PIN code. As the homeowner, you can still have control over the lock using the master PIN code – while conveniently allowing new tenants to set their individual PIN codes for privacy. The M100 Padlock is a small and compact option with digital fingerprint recognition, and can store up to 20 fingerprints. Its small size makes it more suitable for door latches or storage areas such as cupboards and lockers.

    4. Smart doorbell

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    Once you’ve got your digital locks and security cameras in place, a smart doorbell can help complete your smart home security setup. Many smart doorbells like the Arlo Essential Wire free HD Video Doorbell and Nikawa X3 Spotmau Smart Digital Door Viewer come with  features like 2-way audio and/or video communication, low light vision at night, and intruder sirens.

    Protect your Home with Kaadas

    Renting out your home can be a worry-free experience when you have a comprehensive home security system to protect your property, belongings, and loved ones. Browse more digital door locks or explore a variety of smart home solutions at The Smart Series. All Kaadas locks come with free delivery and installation in Singapore – find out more in our FAQs.

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