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5 Situations Where a Digital Smart Lock Becomes Handy

    There’s no doubt that a digital smart lock offers superior security compared to regular locks. With additional features such as digital fingerprint access and facial recognition, these locks can provide excellent protection that’s less time-consuming and more convenient. They are considered ideal options when you want to enhance your home security.

    However did you know that there’s more to digital smart locks than security? Installing a digital lock for your main door helps save you from various unexpected situations. These scenarios help illustrate how and when a digital smart lock can become handy:

    1. You Often Forget Your Keys

    If you often forget your keys to your home, there’s a high chance you will also fail to lock your doors. A digital smart lock can help solve this problem, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your keys again. Since digital locks have multiple access modes, you can easily enter your home via PIN code, access card, fingerprint scan, or facial recognition – no physical key needed.

    2. You are Always in a Rush

    Another circumstance digital locks come in handy is when you are always in a rush. Whether you’re late for work or trying to get ahead of your daily schedule, there’s a chance you might forget to lock your home on your way out of the door, resulting in feeling anxious and worried all day.

    With a digital smart lock, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve locked the door. Kaadas locks have an automatic lock system that secures your home once you leave it. It’s a convenient feature that can only our digital locks can provide, giving you peace of mind all day.

    3. You Hire Helpers and Contractors

    Digital smart locks are also helpful when hiring contractors and outside help who need to enter your home when you’re not there. If you hire someone to feed your pet or clean your house on a regular basis, you can provide them unique access to your home so they can work on their tasks without bothering you.

    If you availed the services of a contractor to repair something in your home or to do home maintenance, you can also allow them to enter your home using a one-time PIN code for your lock. The PIN code will no longer work after being used, ensuring continued security for your home without you even lifting a finger..

    4. You Want to Restrict Someone’s Access without Feeling Awkward

    There are instances when you wish to restrict or remove someone’s access to your home, but you’re afraid it would be an awkward encounter. Did your roommate move out of your home? Do you want to change your lock’s password because too many people already have access? These are only some of the potentially awkward situations where you might to change the locks in your home.

    A digital lock can save you from said awkwardness by allowing you to remotely modify your password or update the people who have access to your home using your smart device. You won’t need to get the spare key back or inform them that you’ve already changed the password to your locks.

    5. You Live with Someone who Has Difficulty Accessing Traditional Locks

    Installing a smart lock for your metal gate or a fingerprint digital door lock for your main door also provides more convenient access options for people with limited mobility such as the elderly. Digital door locks can quickly help them get in and out of their homes without difficulty as they do not have to fumble with their keys.

    One caveat is that fingerprint door locks may not be as effective for the elderly as your skin loses elasticity as you age resulting in furrows and scanning inaccuracies. However that’s where facial recognition door locks such as the Kaadas x Lambhorghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition can come in as elderly family members can simply scan their faces for keyless entry. Find out more benefits of facial recognition locks.

    Find a Digital Smart Lock for Your Home 

    Find the right digital smart lock for your home and other properties at Kaadas. We are the leading providers of digital door locks in Singapore. If you’re looking for a fingerprint digital door lock or a smart lock with facial recognition features for door access, we’ve got you covered. Through our digital locks, we aim to deliver high-quality products that help in elevating your home security.

    Get in touch with us. We can help you find the best solution for your security needs.

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