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5 Things You Should Know About Digital Locks

    Many Singaporeans are now making the switch to installing a keyless digital lock as part of their home security system. With exciting features such as fingerprint or facial recognition available to choose from, young and old homeowners alike are jumping onto the latest home security technology to create the ‘smart home’ that they’ve been dreaming of.

    However, there are still some common myths and misconceptions about digital locks that might make you feel apprehensive to get one of your own. Here are 5 important things you should know about digital locks:

    1. Power outages will not affect your digital lock

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    A common misconception is that since digital locks are electronic, they can be affected or shut down by power outages or blackouts. However digital locks actually derive their power from batteries – not from your home electrical system. So even if the appliances in your home are shut down during a power outage, the digital lock on your front door will remain powered and secure.

    Additionally our locks, including the popular Kaadas K9 Digital Lock, alert you when the batteries are running low. A flashing light as well as a sound alert will be triggered when the door is used during this period, giving you a handy reminder to change the batteries. You can use a micro USB power bank to power up your lock, similar to recharging your other electronic gadgets, or simply unlock your door with the mechanical key provided when the batteries are flat.

    2. Your digital lock can be configured the way you want it to be

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    PIN code, fingerprints, RFID cards, or even facial recognition – digital locks of today can be configured with various access methods to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our Kaadas K9 Digital Lock and Kaadas L7 Digital Lock also have double authentication features to strengthen your home security, with both PIN codes and a fingerprint or card needed to open the door.

    If you have elderly family members living with you who might not be able to remember PIN codes or to carry around an RFID card, you can program your lock to register their fingerprints instead. The Kaadas L7 Digital Lock has an FPC fingerprint sensor embedded right into the handle, so family members can simply grab the handle to unlock the door. In case of emergencies, our smart locks can also be unlocked with RFID tags or mechanical keys so you do not have to worry about anyone being locked out.

    3. Digital locks do not get easily hacked

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    Hacking into a digital lock is a complicated process, made even more difficult when your lock requires multiple credentials. This can actually make your home less likely to be a target for burglars who do not have the time, resources, or money to hack into your system. All locks including the Kaadas R7-2 Digital Lock also come with a fake PIN code feature to prevent exposing your password to prying eyes, adding an additional layer of protection to help keep you and your family safe.

    If you’re leaving Singapore on a long trip, most Kaadas locks have an Privacy Mode that restricts all user PIN codes or cards. A warning sound will also be emitted if force entry is attempted – providing you with extra security so you don’t have to worry.

    4. Not all digital locks are bulky

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    Digital locks generally have a larger body compared to traditional locks as they need to house the electronic locking mechanism. But there are also smaller options to choose from, like the Kaadas M100 Padlock. This padlock is a compact and portable 58.7mm by 33.0mm in size, yet it can register up to 20 fingerprints and is made with strong anti-collision metal. The Kaadas R7 series is one of the world’s slimmest digital locks available – it protects and secures your home without any bulky eyesores on your door.

    5. Digital locks provide additional security features even when you’re at home

    Kaadas locks like the Kaadas L7 Digital Lock, and Kaadas K9 Digital Lock come with a Privacy Mode that double locks your front door even when you’re already home, preventing unexpected unlocking attempts from outside for added security. The K9 Digital Lock even has a smart Safe Handle that locks the in-door handle, which prevents your children from accidentally opening the door to strangers. These features ensure total privacy and peace of mind, allowing you to relax and simply enjoy quality time with your family. 

    Shop safe and reliable digital locks in Singapore

    Browse our selection of Kaadas digital and electronic locks online on our e-commerce platform. Kaadas is a reliable supplier of  digital locks in Singapore, and provides ample help and support to you at every step of your home security journey. Our trained professionals can perform door assessments before installation to ensure that you select the right digital lock for your home, and a trained technician will deliver and install the lock so that you don’t have to lift a finger. We also provide after sales service and support, so just get in touch with us to find out more. Find out more about our digital smart locks in our FAQs.

    By Kaadas Singapore