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6 Essential Smart Home Solutions Every Singaporean Should Get

    If you’re planning to move into your first-ever home, you might have already come across plenty of smart home solutions on the market. Advances in AI technology and home automation have made creating the house of the future easier than ever for Singaporeans. But which are the most important ones to consider first?

    Check out our list of the top 6 essentials to begin your smart home journey. Many of these are also renter-friendly, giving you flexible options no matter your living arrangement!

    1. Digital door lock

    Digital door locks have become commonplace amongst Singaporean households today even for people who don’t intend to have a ‘full’ smart home. Convenient, easy to use, and highly secure, digital locks can give you additional peace of mind whenever you’re at home or out of the house. Kaadas has a wide range of digital lock solutions to to suit you and your household’s needs. Many Kaadas locks, including the K9 Digital Lock and L7 Digital Lock, come with multiple access modes for greater flexibility in your smart home setup. Or you can opt for stylish options like the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) which was designed to incorporate the luxury car brand’s signature bold yet sleek design.

    2. Digital gate lock

    Digital gate locks can make your daily life much more convenient. No more digging for your keys while your arms are loaded with groceries or shopping – with a digital gate lock, you can enter your home in an instant!

    The Kaadas R6G is a state-of-the-art digital lock that can fit onto most metal gates in Singapore. Equipped with the latest fingerprint sensor technology and sensitive touchpad, it makes coming home after a long day so much easier. Find out if your gate is suitable for digital lock installation, or get in touch with our specialists for free assessment and installation.

    3. Smart home hub

    Control your smart home solutions in one spot with smart home hubs like the Philip Hue Bridge 2.0, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home. From lighting to temperature to appliance control, smart hubs let you have full control of your home even when you’re away. With all of your devices integrated, you won’t have to worry about leaving the stove running or the lights on while you’re out of the house.

    4. Smart indoor/outdoor cameras

    Smart cameras can help monitor the safety of your home and household members in both indoor and outdoor situations. Using smart Wifi or wireless IP technology, smart cameras are an efficient security solution if you want to keep an eye on children, senior relatives, or even your pets. Stick to affordable options like the Foscam X2 if you don’t want to break the bank – it costs less than $60 and is still equipped with 1080P video quality, AI human detection, and two-way audio support.

    5. Smart doorbell

    Complete your smart home security solutions with a smart doorbell. Popular options like the Ring, Arlo Essential Wire free HD Video Doorbell, and Nikawa X3 Spotmau Smart Digital Door Viewer vary across price points but come with similar basic features including 2-way communication, low light and infrared vision, and sirens to ward off unwanted visitors. Smart doorbells also make receiving deliveries a breeze as you can communicate instructions to the delivery driver instantly.

    6. Smart A/C monitor

    Stay cool throughout the day with a smart home solution for your air-conditioning unit. A/C monitors like the Ambi Climate Mini or Sensibo Sky help keep you and your family comfortable even on Singapore’s hottest days. Track and even save your A/C usage with integrated scheduling, automatic on/off, and eco-efficient cooling features too.

    Create your dream smart home with Kaadas

    Start building the home you’ve always wanted with these 6 essential smart home solutions. Enjoy free delivery and installation with every Kaadas digital lock purchase in Singapore, and shop all kinds of digital lifestyle appliances online with The Smart Series.

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