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A Guide to Digital Lock Installation: The Pros & Cons

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    As homes become smarter and more integrated with technology, the popularity of electronic and digital locks has risen significantly. Many homeowners are shifting away from traditional key-based systems to more sophisticated smart door locks, favouring the convenience these locks provide.

    This guide will explore the pros and cons of digital lock installation, helping you to decide if installing one is right for your home.

    Benefits of Digital Locks

    Electronic locks offer a myriad of advantages that traditional locks simply cannot match, such as:

    1. Convenience and User-Friendliness

    One of the standout features of electronic door locks is that they do away with the need for physical keys. Imagine not having to search for keys or be accidentally locked out because you can unlock your gate or door with a passcode or access card! There are also biometric door locks that utilise fingerprint scanning or even facial recognition, allowing you to have even easier access.

    2. Customisable Access Controls

    The real game changer with smart door locks is their ability to tailor access according to your needs. With these innovative electronic locks, you can control your locks remotely or set up temporary one-time access codes for visitors.

    Think about how handy this is when you have a cleaner or a dog walker who needs to get in when you’re not around. It’s security made simple, flexible, and tailored just for your lifestyle!

    3. High-Tech Features

    Smart door locks can also come equipped with handy features such as app control, door viewer camera, and two-way communication, enhancing both security and convenience.

    For example, the Kaadas K20 Pro door lock offers video viewing capabilities and sends alerts when someone loiters by the door too long. These innovations not only increase security but also add a layer of interactivity and control that was unimaginable with traditional locks.

    Traditional Door with Key inserted into a non-digital Lock

    Drawbacks of Digital Locks

    While electronic locks and smart locks come with plenty of upsides, they also have their fair share of drawbacks, such as:

    1. Security Vulnerabilities

    While smart door locks offer improved convenience, it doesn’t mean that they are not vulnerable to security threats. Skilled thieves could potentially bypass electronic systems by hacking codes or exploiting digital vulnerabilities. Although these attacks typically require advanced tools and programming skills, it underscores the importance of choosing a reliable and secure brand like Kaadas.

    Known for their commitment to security, Kaaadas ensures that the information security of its app and servers is up to date. This includes measures such as:

    • Protecting Against Malware and Viruses: Robust defences are implemented to safeguard against malicious software and cyber threats.
    • Securing User Accounts and Data: Focus is placed on securing sensitive information, including user accounts, device records, and other personal data.
    • Regularly Updating Systems: Updates are frequently introduced to address and patch potential vulnerabilities.

    In addition to these measures, Kaadas smart locks feature an offline password generated by an advanced encryption algorithm for remote unlocking. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access, even if hackers target mobile phones and apps, enhancing overall security.

    By choosing Kaadas, users opt for a smart lock that not only offers convenience but also provides superior protection against modern security threats.

    2. Maintenance and Longevity

    Electronic locks are not just about sophisticated technology; they also bring along the need for more upkeep. These devices depend heavily on their electronic and mechanical components, which can wear out or malfunction.

    While it may be true that electronic locks require more upkeep due to their reliance on sophisticated technology, choosing a reliable brand like Kaadas can easily mitigate these concerns. Kaadas offers a 24/7 support hotline for emergency cases ensuring that help is always at hand, and their expert solutions ensure that any inconvenience and downtime is minimised.

    Plus, Kaadas also offers a comprehensive 2-year warranty for all digital locks, with the option for customers to purchase an additional year for extra peace of mind. With Kaadas, maintenance or repair needs are handled promptly and professionally, aiming to make the smart lock experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

    Factors to Consider Before Installation

    Before opting for a digital lock installation, you should consider the following factors:

    • Security Efficacy: Compare the security level of electronic locks against traditional locks. Consider whether the advanced features of digital locks meet your security expectations.
    • Maintenance Frequency: Evaluate how often the lock might need maintenance and whether you’re prepared to handle the upkeep.

    Where to Buy Digital Locks in Singapore

    If you’re considering installing a digital lock for your home, look no further than Kaadas! With over 39 years of experience in the lock industry, Kaadas stands as a leading manufacturer of high-end smart digital locks. Kaadas has a robust process from product research and development to manufacturing, ensuring each product meets the highest quality standards.

    Get in touch with Kaadas to find out more about Kaadas digital door and gate locks or check out Kaadas’s FAQs for further details on Kaadas’s digital lock installation process.

    Visit Kaadas’s Interactive Showroom

    Want to try out door and gate locks from Kaadas firsthand? Head down to Kaadas’s first-ever retail space. Kaadas’s showroom is located at NEX Serangoon, 23 Serangoon Central (#B1-70) and is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily. Here, you can explore our latest models, get personalised recommendations from Kaadas’s in-store team, and enjoy exclusive bundle deals and promotions.

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