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Are Facial Recognition Door Locks The Right Choice For You?


    Facial recognition door access technology is the latest cutting-edge innovation in the world of home and personal security. With more facial recognition door locks hitting the market today and the myriad benefits of facial recognition locks to behold, many forward-thinking homeowners in Singapore are wondering whether to upgrade their home security system to this latest innovation.

    Apart from overall benefits such as a hygienic interface and 24-7 hands-free access, facial recognition locks can have specific advantages for certain types of families and households. If you:

    • Are a household with young children
    • Are a household with senior or elderly members
    • Are considering renting out your home in the future

    Here’s why facial recognition door access is the way forward for you:

    1. Households with children

    The advanced security of facial recognition door access is one of the greatest benefits they pose for households with children. Unlike PIN codes or RFID cards which can be lost or misused, facial recognition relies on a unique facial model that guarantees high-level security access at all times.

    Once your household members’ faces have been registered into the lock interface they just have to scan their face to gain access in an instant. This means you don’t have to worry about your children forgetting their keys or getting locked out by accident, as they will always have a safe and secure way to enter the home even if you aren’t around. (Do note that our facial recognition door lock has a minimum height requirement of 130-200cm, making it suitable for older children)

    Families with much younger children will also appreciate the hands-free convenience of a facial recognition door lock. You can tend to your children’s needs or bring armfuls of groceries home without needing a hand free to unlock the door!

    2. Households with senior or elderly members

    Households with senior or elderly members might be looking for digital locks with hands-free access modes such as fingerprint or facial recognition for convenient entering and leaving of your home. However facial recognition door access has one major advantage compared to fingerprint recognition – which is that the latter sometimes fails when attempted by older users.

    In our old age fingerprints tend to become harder to capture due to losses in skin elasticity, resulting in thickening nail ridges or furrows. People with larger fingerprint surfaces may also need to attempt entry several times before the fingerprint is read – defeating the fuss-free convenience aspect of a fingerprint lock.

    With a facial recognition door lock your family or household members can unlock the main door in seconds with instant authentication – no matter their age.

    3. Potential rental properties

    If you’re planning to rent your home out in the future, the high-security assurance of facial recognition door access technology will help you assuage both you and your tenants’ worries about security concerns.

    Our own digital door lock uses 3D structured light to capture recognition points across the face down to the millimeter – creating a unique face model tied to that one user. Photos or videos of that registered user will not be able to trick the lock either, as it takes dynamic information into consideration when creating the face model.

    This means you can maintain total control over who gains access to your home and can even add or remove registered users as and when necessary. When paired with other smart home security solutions for short-term rentals, you can guarantee your home is thoroughly protected at all times.

    Find the Right Lock for You at Kaadas

    Kaadas offers a range of digital lock solutions and digital lock bundles to help you protect your home, household, and family. The Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition is the result in a collaborative effort between Lamborghini’s design team and Kaadas scientists and engineers across the globe – resulting in the latest door access technology encased in a bold and powerful design.

    Our digital door locks are compatible with most front doors and gates in HDB flats, condominiums, and landed properties in Singapore. We offer free delivery and installation with every purchase – simply get in touch or read our FAQs to find out more.

    By Kaadas Singapore


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