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Before VS After Using A Digital Lock In Singapore

    A digital smart lock replaces conventional key locks to improve upon existing home security features. This type of lock provides a smarter way to protect your home because of its enhanced security technology and automatic lock system. This locking mechanism provides excellent protection since it features digital technology that upgrades your current security system. When you buy a digital lock in Singapore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

    What Difference Can Installing an Electronic Lock in Singapore Make?

    All locks may look the same to some. However, the right electronic lock in Singapore makes a big difference in terms of home security and privacy protection. The Kadaas RX-C Digital Lock is a great choice when you’re considering a digital door lock – the sleek casing houses a security system that’s backed by extensive research. To better illustrate the benefits of installing a  digital door lock in Singapore, here are just some of its advantages:

    1. Automatic locking

    A digital lock in Singapore has many advantages over conventional locks. One of its advantages is its automatic lock feature. Imagine you’re late for work and you’re rushing to get to your office. Once you arrive at work, you realise that you forgot to lock your front gate or even your front door. If you still own a traditional lock, you’ll be worrying about the safety of your belongings the entire day. However, if you own a digital smart lock in Singapore, you won’t have to worry about anything, since your digital lock will automatically keep your home locked and secure. 

    2. Enhanced security measures

    Some digital smart locks like the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock or Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition have fingerprint or facial recognition functions that enhance the security features of your home. This feature also allows keyless entry for the residents making your return home both time-saving and convenient. After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is go home and relax and you don’t want to have to rummage in your bag to try and find your keys. A digital door lock with facial or fingerprint recognition enables you to effortlessly enter your home without needing any physical key or card.

    3. OTP set-up

    If you hire additional help around the house such as housekeepers or cleaners, digital locks can help you ensure your home’s safety and security even as they come and go. Traditionally you would have to wait at home to unlock the door for them or (if you trust them enough) create a spare key. However these options can take up your time or may make you feel uneasy.

    Some digital smart locks have an OTP Set Up feature that enables owners to provide anyone authorized to access their homes with a One-Time Pin that they can use to enter. Once this OTP is used, it won’t work anymore. It also prevents unauthorized access while keeping your mind at ease.

    4. Privacy mode

    Privacy is something that we all want to fully experience in our own home, and digital smart locks can help us achieve it. Kaadas digital locks have a Privacy Mode feature that restricts access to all user PIN codes or cards, only master PIN code or mechanical key can open the door from outside. This ensures that you can rest at home uninterrupted.

    Defence mode

     When you are out for long hours or you are on a holiday. Our digital smart locks have a defence mode that you can activate easily just by pressing “0”. It’s a useful safety feature as when it’s in this mode, an alarm will trigger when the doors are unlocked from the inside. It can alert your neighbors when there’s a break-in from the windows and when burglars exit using the main door. With a digital deadbolt lock, you can enjoy your vacation or travels out of the country as you have peace of mind that your home is safe. 

    Install an Electronic Lock in Singapore Through Kaadas

    Improve your home protection with the help of a digital smart lock. This simple home improvement device has a sophisticated security system that makes all the difference compared to using traditional locks. It’s time to make an upgrade and improve your home’s protection.

    Kaadas has a variety of digital door locks that can help upgrade your home’s security system. We offer the highest quality locks for our clients. Our locks are suited for most main doors and gates in condominiums, HBD flats, and other real estate properties in Singapore. Delivery and digital lock installation in Singapore are free for all purchases. Contact us or read our FAQ Page to know more about digital locks in Singapore.

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