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Changing To A Digital Lock In Singapore: What You Should Know

    So you’ve decided to change your main door lock from a padlock to a keyless digital lock – congratulations! Buying a digital lock is a step to transforming your home into the ultimate smart home, and is becoming a popular home security option amongst Singaporeans too. Here’s what you need to know about each type of digital lock so that you can find the right one for you:

    1. Rim locks

    Rim locks are a popular option for homeowners in Singapore as they are one of the cheapest and most convenient kinds of locks. Rim locks use a bracket that is externally attached to the door frame or door panel. When the locking mechanism is turned, the metal bolt is secured across the bracket using a motor attachment.

    If you prefer to retain your existing lock handles, rim locks are a good option as they can be installed above them. The Kaadas R7-2 Digital Lock is a slim and sleek digital lock equipped with multiple accesses for your convenience, including PIN codes and RFID cards. The R7-2 can fit onto almost any wooden door in Singapore, and can also be unlocked via Kaadas remote control.

    Rim locks are also a good choice for homeowners who are prioritising convenience or value for money at this point in their home journey.

    P.S. Did you know? If you are planning to buy a mortise lock in the future, you will need to change your door entirely if it currently has a rim lock installed – this could mean more costs incurred in the long run.

    2. Mortise locks

    Mortise locks are one of the most typical locks you will find in any HDB flat or landed property in Singapore. A mortise (or pocket) is installed into the door, and when the locking mechanism is activated, the metal bolt(s) are extended into the door frame, thereby ensuring the door is securely fitted into the frame. Mortise locks are not as affordable compared to rim locks, but they have a greater degree of strength as the lock is integrated into the main door and cannot be tampered with from the outside.

    Kaadas mortise locks like the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock and Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) are made with triple bolt cast iron, paired with lock casings made from aluminium, zinc and alloy for both strength and durability. To double up the convenience and security, you can also add on the Kaadas Gate Lock (R6G) onto any purchase of a door lock to create a premium digital lock bundle. By purchasing a gate lock and door lock bundle, you can enjoy the convenience of having the same access mode (i.e. same fingerprint, RFID tag, or PIN code) across both locks, saving you the trouble of separately changing one lock later on.

    Our locks are designed in 5 state-of-the-art facilities around the world including in China and Europe, to ensure that you are only getting the latest innovations in home security technology. We are also the only digital lock brand that has collaborated with European luxury automobile manufacturers to incorporate their powerful yet beautiful designs and bring you high-quality locks that are also a subtle fashion accessory for your home.

    3. Deadbolt locks

    Deadbolt locks use a bolt made from a single piece of solid metal, such as bronze, brass, or steel. Compared to other spring-loaded lock types, a deadbolt is often seen as being a more secure option as the material of the bolt is thicker and heavier. When the locking mechanism is activated, the bolt retracts or extends into the strike plate on the door frame.

    The Kaadas RX-C Digital Lock is our premium digital deadbolt lock device that improves your home security while also looking smart and stylish. The RX-C can be installed into a new main door or retrofitted onto your existing deadbolt, making it a convenient choice for homeowners who don’t want the hassle of replacing their door entirely. This powerful lock comes with multiple accesses including PIN codes and mechanical keys, and a sensitive touchpad screen for a fuss-free unlocking process. An automatic locking feature also eliminates the need to double-check your lock before leaving – giving you peace of mind as you go about your day.

    Ensure quality home security with Kaadas

    Shop our range of Kaadas locks online today. We offer a variety of digital locks in various colours, finishes, and mechanisms so you can find the main door lock that’s right for you. Find out more about Kaadas locks in our FAQs or get in touch for more information on the digital lock installation process. All Kaadas purchases in Singapore come with free delivery and installation so you can upgrade your home security system in a fuss-free and convenient way.

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