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Creating A Kid-Friendly Home In SG With Smart Home Solutions

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    Smart homes are becoming more popular across Singaporean households from all walks of life. For families with young children, integrating smart devices into your home can actually help make your everyday life much easier.

    So many parts of our daily routine can be automated or made more convenient through smart appliances – and when you’re trying to keep your toddler or infant happy while juggling work, chores, and other tasks, we know you’ll want all the help you can get.

    Here are 3 ways a smart home can be made kid-friendly. Explore more smart home solutions at The Smart Series or visit Kaadas to browse and buy our range of digital locks online:

    1. Set up a home hub for regular tasks

    From Google Home to Amazon Echo, a smart home hub with speaker functionality can help take the stress out of common, everyday tasks. Depending on the features of your chosen home hub, you can use it to:

    • Control your lights, temperature, and even blinds or curtains
    • Set automated triggers for daily routines (e.g. checking the weather, turning on the TV)
    • Streamline and monitor usage of connected devices

    Being able to go hands-free is a big help for any parent with little kids running around their feet all day. Think switching on the TV hands-free to distract the kids during dinner preparation, or being able to ask Alexa for simple facts to help your children with their homework.

    2. Make entry and exit easier with a digital door and gate lock

    Digital door and gate locks are another must-have for Singaporean smart homes. Going keyless has various benefits for homeowners, depending on the digital lock access mode you opt for. Out of the common access modes, facial recognition door locks enable you to go hands-free while out and about with your kids. This means:

    • No need to put down the car seat or carrier so you can rummage in your purse for keys
    • No need to let go of your kid’s hand to input a fingerprint or PIN code to enter the house
    • No need to leave groceries on the floor just so you can unlock your front door 

    Opening your door is also made easier and quicker  with 3 options for exit:

    • Integrated  sensor allows swift unlocking with just a grip on the handle 
    • Independent buttons makes unlocking intuitive simply by pressing the open button 
    • In case of  low-battery situations, turn the manual knob to unlock

    The Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition is equipped with our latest technology to give you all of these benefits and make your day-to-day life easier. Browse more digital lock bundles and digital door locks to find the right fit for your home.

    3. Get peace of mind with smart surveillance devices

    When you’re a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are safe even if you’re not at home to watch them. Smart home surveillance solutions let you see what is happening at home, as well as who might be coming or going.

    A smart indoor camera lets you monitor what goes on at home at all hours of the day, and if you ever encounter an emergency (e.g. an accident happens in a split second while you look away), you can refer to the footage to see what really happened. You can also put them outdoors to spot any unfamiliar visitors and when paired with a digital lock like the K9 Digital Lock, create a comprehensive security system to help you feel at ease.

    If your children are old enough to answer the door, being able to see who’s there with a smart doorbell can help avoid ‘stranger danger’. Smart doorbells can function as an outdoor camera as well , and are equipped with 2-way communication functions so your child can confirm who the person at the door says they are. Parents can also receive notifications when someone’s at the door – even if they aren’t home – so you can monitor your doorstep activity and ensure your children’s safety.

    Build a dream Smart Home for your Family with Kaadas

    With so many smart home solutions now available on the Singaporean market, you have endless possibilities of how to design a dream home for you and your family. Whether you decide to only buy a digital door lock or go all-out with smart appliances in every room, remember that these appliances have been designed to take your mind off the mundane – so you have more time to spend making memories instead.

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