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Fire-Rated Digital Door Locks

Kaadas is proud to present our premier collection of fire-rated digital door locks, a testament to our dedication to safety and innovation within home security. These locks are not just about securing your home against intruders; they’re designed to offer protection against one of nature’s most formidable elements: fire. Our fire-rated digital door locks work in tandem with fire-resistant doors, supporting the integrity of your home’s fire protection measures.

Understanding Fire-Rated Digital Door Locks

Our fire-rated digital locks enhance the effectiveness of fire-resistant doors by maintaining operational integrity during a fire. They are designed to work seamlessly with doors which typically have fire resistance ratings from 20 to 90 minutes. These locks play a crucial role not only in securing the premises but also in ensuring that in the event of a fire, the door remains a reliable barrier against flames and smoke. This synergy provides additional evacuation time, crucial for safety during emergencies.

Key Features of Kaadas Fire-Rated Digital Locks

Enhanced Durability and Resistance

Our fire-rated smart locks are built with materials that are rigorously tested for fire resistance, ensuring they maintain functionality in extreme heat. This means during a fire, the lock mechanism will resist warping or melting, maintaining its structural integrity.

Biometric Authentication

Featuring advanced fingerprint recognition technology, these locks provide secure and rapid access. The biometric sensors are designed to accurately read fingerprints, even under challenging conditions, ensuring reliable entry in emergencies.

Multiple Access Methods

Offering versatility, our fire-rated digital locks are equipped with various access options. This includes PIN code entry, which allows you to set unique codes for different users, and RFID card access for quick, contactless entry. A traditional key mechanism is also included for safe measures.

Connectivity and Control

Certain fire-rated digital door locks like the S110 & Kaadas K20 Pro are equipped with smart technology which can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app. This allows for real-time alerts, access logs, and the ability to remotely grant or restrict access, providing a comprehensive view of your home’s security.

Emergency Features

In the event of a fire, the fire-rated smart locks are designed with emergency unlocking mechanisms. If the lock loses power, the mechanical turn knob can be utilised to unlock the door manually.

Explore Kaadas’ Fire-Rated Digital Lock Collection

Dive into our exclusive collection of fire-rated digital locks, carefully crafted to meet the unique safety needs and aesthetic preferences of your home. Our diverse range offers innovative solutions that combine fire resistance with cutting-edge security features, ensuring that you’ll find the ideal lock to elevate both the safety and style of your residence. Explore our range, read through customer insights, and uncover how our fire-rated door locks can enhance your home’s security. For other specialised requirements, our collection extends to glass door lock sets, biometric door locks, door viewer cameras, and beyond.

Fire-Rated Smart Locks FAQs

Fire-rated digital door locks typically come with varied fire resistance ratings, often ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. These ratings indicate the duration the lock can withstand high temperatures during a fire while maintaining functionality.
Most fire-rated digital door locks are designed to be compatible with existing doors, especially if they meet certain fire safety standards. However, it's crucial to ensure that the door's material and structure are suitable for a fire-rated lock. Get in touch with our team to find out more.
Fire-rated digital locks typically don't require specialised maintenance beyond what's required for standard digital door locks. Regular checks for electronic and mechanical components' functionality are recommended.
Installation of fire-rated digital locks might need to adhere to local building codes or safety regulations, particularly in commercial or multi-residential buildings. However, it's advisable to use fire-rated smart locks regardless of regulatory requirements. In case of a fire, these smart locks come with emergency unlocking features. Should the lock experience a power failure, the door can be manually unlocked using the provided mechanical.