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Is a Digital Lock Worth Investing on for Your New Home?

    Becoming a new homeowner is a significant achievement. All your hard work paid off, and you’re able to find a place you can finally call home. Aside from the floor plan, interior details, home décor, and finishing touches, you should also ensure that your new home has a reliable security system.

    Digital smart locks are now increasingly popular amongst Singaporeans as an add-on to their default gate or door lock. However some might still wonder whether getting a digital lock for your new home is worth it.

    Before buying a digital lock, it’s good to know what sets them apart from traditional locks. The latter are typically opened and locked using a key and are the locks we’ve gotten used to until digital locks came onto the scene. These locks are familiar and convenient to almost anybody in Singapore. On the other hand digital smart locks have incorporated the latest technology to provide homes with top-notch security and added peace of mind.

    So should you get a traditional lock or a digital lock – and what should you look out for if you do? Those are the big questions when deciding on whether to add a digital lock to your home security setup. Aside from the price difference, you should also consider other factors when determining which type of lock is the best:

    1. Technology and Complexity

    Conventional locks have a simple mechanism that only involves a metal lock and a mechanical key. On the other hand, digital smart locks are more complex as they incorporate advanced technology and better security features such as triple bolt mechanisms and various access features. These are all results of years of research and development to provide superior security and protection for business and homeowners.

    Moreover, when it comes to the material and quality, a digital lock is sturdier and has the capability to provide better security as the materials used to design them are better than traditional locks. Combining high-quality material with technology, digital locks are more powerful and capable when it comes to securing your home.

    2. Safety Features

    When it comes to safety features, conventional locks provide basic security functions. Digital locks offer more safety features and access methods; therefore, they offer an effective way to enhance or upgrade your home’s security. 

    Kaadas digital locks for main doors come with various access modes for added convenience and to suit your needs. For example the RX-C Digital Lock’s deadbolt can be unlocked via PIN code or mechanical key, whereas the R6 Digital Lock has fingerprint, PIN code, and RFID access.

    A more advanced main door electric lock such as the Kaadas L7 Digital Lock even offers four access features – mechanical key, RFID card, PIN code, and fingerprint scanning. If you’re not yet impressed, the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition digital smart lock provides you with five access features, including the latest in facial recognition technology.

    Security features-wise, digital smart locks have a significant advantage over the conventional safety and key system. You don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your house keys as our  digital locks have other access features to allow only you and other authorised people to enter your home. 

    3. Convenience

    Traditional locks have only one access method – through a mechanical key. You lock your home before you leave, and it has already served its purpose. However, what if you forget to lock your door or the keys to your house? What if your family or guests suddenly come over when you’re not at home? 

    Digital locks can address these common dilemmas and make it possible for homeowners to keep their homes safe yet welcoming to trusted individuals even when on the go. You can even grant authorised access to family and other trusted people in case they need to get into your house. Visitors only need an OTP or One-Time PIN to enter and with selected locks you can create one-time PINs to immediately revoke access after it’s been used. 

    Kaadas digital locks also have automatic lock features, privacy mode, and defence mode that offer homeowners convenience. The automatic lock feature is a useful function if you forget to lock your doors as you won’t be kept worried all day wondering if your home is secure. The privacy mode is similarly helpful when you want to experience uninterrupted rest or sleep at home. Lastly, the defence mode is ideal if you’re on a holiday or vacation as activating this mode will trigger an alarm if your main door’s electric lock is opened from the inside – alerting you or your neighbours to any break-ins.

    Which Digital Smart Lock is Best for You?

    In short, digital locks are worth investing in for your new home because their security benefits and convenience greatly outweigh the performance of traditional locks. A digital smart lock may be more expensive than a traditional one, but it does a much better job in keeping your new house safe from break-ins and trespassers.
    If you’re looking for a digital lock for your home in Singapore, Kaadas offers a wide range of digital locks ideal for your main door. Browse through our collection of digital door locks, gate locks, and accessories you can install in your home. Get in touch with us now and enjoy free delivery and installation with every online purchase.

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