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Kaadas M9 Digital Door Lock for Rental Homes in Singapore

    Security isn’t something you should take for granted, especially when you’re in the property rental industry. In fact, it should be a top priority. As property owners, you’re responsible for providing your tenants with a safe and secure space whether they’re staying in a HDB flat, condominium, or landed property. It’s your duty to ensure that the space they’re renting is provided with a reliable security system. What better way to improve your properties’ security than to install a digital door lock?

    The Kaadas M9 Digital Lock is the perfect security solution for rental property owners. Its unassuming design may look simple but it’s equipped with the best security technology available, making  it the ideal lock for rental properties. This digital fingerprint lock has the technology to keep any property secure. You might be wondering why this lock is the right one for you. To answer some of your questions, these are the benefits and features of the M9 digital door lock that rental properties owners in Singapore will find useful:

    1. Compact and inconspicuous

    This digital fingerprint lock is one of the smallest door locks in Singapore. However, looks can be deceiving as its small size is packed with a punch. The compact design features 4 access methods: PIN code, fingerprint, RFID card, and mechanical key. It’s also equipped with the world’s most prominent biometric sensor – the Sweden Fingerprint Card sensor – to ensure your tenants’ safety at all times. 

    2. Easy installation

    Kaadas provides free digital lock installation services for our clients in Singapore. Once the lock is properly installed in your home, our professional installer will do a product runthrough and assist with the access methods registration for all occupants of the home. Fret not if you cannot remember the steps, all you need to do is follow the manual or voice guide  if you would like to modify the settings.

    3. Ensures tenants’ privacy

    A home is where people should be able to feel secure and enjoy their privacy. Installing a digital lock in your HDB flat or property can make all the difference in terms of providing the privacy that your tenant needs, especially if there are multiple tenants in one home. Only people with authorized access can unlock the Kaadas M9 Digital Lock, giving your tenants both privacy and peace of mind as they are aware that only them and some authorized guests are entering the rental spaces.

    4. Gives you peace of mind

    Rental property owners also get reassurance that their properties are secure with  the M9 Digital Door Lock. A digital fingerprint lock has a PIN Code access or a fingerprint feature so they know who has access to and who is visiting the property. As a master PIN code is required for users to add or remove their fingerprints and PIN codes, property owners can ensure that they have total control over who has authority to enter the HDB flat, condominium, or landed property. Our digital locks also have auto-locking features that enforce security whenever tenants forget to lock their doors when they are in a hurry.  

    Is the Kaadas M9 Digital Lock Right for You?

    Now that you’ve read about the many benefits of the Kaadas M9 Digital Lock, you might wonder if it’s the right one for you. This lock isn’t just one of the most compact digital door locks in Singapore but it also does a great job in providing home security and protection. It’s a compact lock that’s equipped with all the security features you need to keep your properties safe and protected. 

    You’re in good hands when it comes to Kaadas. We ensure that your safety is our priority. We offer free delivery and installation for each purchase. Read our FAQs or get in touch with us for more information.

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