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Revamp Your Home In 2022 With These Digital Lock Bundles

    Start your new year in style with these exclusive digital lock and digital gate lock bundles. With so many digital lock brands now available in Singapore, it can be difficult to find one that boasts the latest security technology and is still kind to your wallet.

    Kaadas has multiple promotion bundles to choose from so you can buy the latest technology for your main door and gate in one shot. Shop our full range of digital lock bundles online or keep reading to see selected highlights:

    1. Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition ($1829 WITH R6G Gate Lock)

    Photo Credit: S&P Digital Lock

    You can now enjoy the latest facial recognition access technology with the Kaadas x Lamborghini The Legend 3D Face Recognition digital door lock. Our signature Kaadas x Lamborghini The Legend has newly added access features to make home security even more convenient than ever before. Thanks to facial recognition technology you can unlock and access your main door completely hands-free.

    Our facial recognition technology uses 3D structured light to cover your face with thousands of recognition points down to millimeter-level accuracy. Using facial feature extraction and bone structure modelling, this creates a unique 3D face model that’s specific and highly secure for the user. Up to 20 faces can be registered so you can conveniently add family members, close relatives, or even your best friends for easy access.

    On top of this high-tech innovation, this digital lock is designed in cooperation with Lamborghini to incorporate the iconic Italian brand’s design signatures. Think strong, bold lines with a luxurious sleek finish – the perfect way to merge form with function and give your HDB flat, condominium or landed property a facelift.

    Bundle the R6G Gate Lock (U.P. $539) with your purchase of the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend 3D Face Recognition) to save up to $199! Enjoy free shipping and delivery in Singapore when you shop with Kaadas.

    2. R6 – Rim Lock ($849 WITH R6G Gate Lock)

    Photo Credit: S&P Digital Lock

    For a stylish and high-tech digital lock option that’s still wallet-friendly, check out the Kaadas R6 Digital Rim Lock. Rim locks are one of the most popular options for Singaporean homeowners for their affordability and convenience. If you want to install a digital lock for your main door without needing to change your existing handle, a rim lock might be the best option for you. Find out what you need to know before changing digital locks on our blog.

    The R6 comes with multiple access modes for you to choose from, and its integrated Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor enables it to accurately recognise and authorise fingerprints in. For homeowners who frequently travel or are out of the house, get extra peace of mind with the Away Mode that triggers an alarm when an intruder breaks in from an unconventional entry point like the window and later exits from the main door.
    Bundle the R6G Gate Lock (U.P. $539) with your purchase of the R6 Rim Lock to save up to $89! Enjoy free shipping and delivery in Singapore when you shop with Kaadas.

    3. RX-C – Deadbolt Lock ($739 WITH R6G Gate Lock)

    Deadbolt locks are another popular option for main door locks, and the good thing about the Kaadas RX-C Digital Lock is that it can be retrofitted over your existing lock! With the RX-C’s smart and stylish design, you can bid goodbye to bulky and unattractive deadbolt locks.

    As with Kaadas’ other digital lock options, it comes with multiple accesses including PIN codes, and mechanical key as a backup. The RX-C also has an automatic locking feature so you do not need to double-check your main door after leaving the house – making your daily routine a lot more fuss-free and giving you peace of mind.

    Bundle the R6G Gate Lock (U.P. $539) with your purchase of the RX-C Digital Lock to save up to $79! Enjoy free shipping and delivery in Singapore when you shop with Kaadas.

    Enjoy exclusive Digital Lock promotions with Kaadas

    Take your smart home systems to the next level with a state-of-the-art Kaadas main door and gate lock bundle. Our digital lock technology is developed in-house by a global team of experts in 5 research facilities worldwide to bring you the latest in home security innovations.All Kaadas products come with free delivery and installation in Singapore as well as a 2-year warranty. Find out more in our FAQs or head to our showroom in Woodlands to see our sleek and stylish locks in-person.

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