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Digital Deadbolt Locks in Singapore

In our technologically savvy modern world, digital solutions are fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives. From our smartphones to smart speakers, smart devices are all the rage when it comes to achieving a more convenient and seamless lifestyle. If you would like to take the first step towards cultivating a smart lifestyle, consider investing in a digital door lock. Of the various digital door locks available in the market, smart deadbolt locks are an option that offers a more tangible level of security. Whether you’d like to keep your existing door handle or your deadbolt lock, a deadbolt digital lock plays a huge role in elevating the security measures of your current lock mechanism by staying in place until manually unlocked.

What Are Digital Deadbolt Locks?

Just as the name suggests, digital deadbolt locks provide excellent security due to the fact that the locking mechanism extends deep into the frame of the door. Unlike spring bolts, a deadbolt cannot be forced back. The Kaadas Rx-C digital lock is a smart deadbolt lock that can easily be installed on new doors or fitted with your existing deadbolt. Housed in a sleek body of polished black and satin nickel, this lock allows access through a pin code or a mechanical key. This makes it a perfect model for homeowners who want to experience the convenience of a digital lock, but would still like the option of using mechanical keys as and when desired.

The stylish and wide touch-screen of the Rx-C provides a wide surface for users to conveniently key in their PIN code. If you’re wary of waking up family members or just dislike the sound of jingling keys or locks springing open loudly, you also have the option of activating “mute mode” for a silent door opening experience. If forced entry is attempted, a warning sound will be automatically triggered, deterring intruders from accessing your property.

Why Choose Kaadas Digital Deadbolt Locks

Founded in Germany, all digital deadbolt door locks produced by Kaadas are backed by world-class research and feature a futuristic design. Our range of digital deadbolt locks is the ideal locking solution that will transform your home into a safe haven while boosting convenience with its seamless keyless mode of entry. With over 30 years of experience in the digital lock industry and having transformed the lives of over 5 million homeowners all over the globe, with Kaadas, you are guaranteed to have a smart deadbolt lock that boasts the highest quality standards.

Shop Smart Deadbolt Locks at Kaadas Today

Visit us at our store in MEGA@Woodlands to try out our range of digital locks in-person! We are happy to provide free installation and delivery for all our digital door locks in Singapore. Feel free to check out our FAQs for more information on our products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kaadas Digital Deadbolt Locks

Are digital deadbolt locks safe?

Yes. As a matter of fact, digital deadbolt locks are safer than most consumer-grade smart locks. Equipped with the security features found in technologically advanced digital locks and outfitted with a bolt that extends deeper into the frame of the door, the security and safety offered by this locking solution remain unrivalled.

Which is the best digital deadbolt lock?

The best digital deadbolt door lock depends on your personal preference and security features that will complement your existing locking mechanism. At Kaadas, our digital locks are outfitted with superior high-tech specs that will keep your home safe round the clock.

Is delivery and installation for Kaadas digital deadbolt locks free?

Absolutely. With every purchase of digital deadbolt door locks or other digital locks, Kaadas offers free delivery and installation. Simply cart out with your choice digital lock and our team will get in touch with you to make the proper arrangements.

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