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Digital Glass Door Lock

Glass doors may look delicate, but they give properties a sophisticated and elegant look. Installing these doors provides an aesthetic appeal and a practical way to allow natural light inside the space. As captivating as they are, glass doors must be secured robustly, especially if the property owners leave their premises unattended. A digital glass door lock is the safest way to enhance the security of your properties.

Benefits of Digital Lock for Glass Doors

The delicate nature of glass doors necessitates a sophisticated security system. Digital glass door locks offer both security and sophistication, along with other benefits such as:

1. Easy Installation

With the Kaadas glass door lock set, drilling holes in the glass doors won’t be necessary. These digital locks are easy to install and won’t cause any damage to your doors. Using state-of-the-art technology, these digital locks can provide optimum security without compromising your glass doors.

2. Aesthetic Appearance and User-Friendly Features

Our digital glass door locks are a great finishing touch to the aesthetic appearance of glass doors. Digital locks from Kaadas are professionally-designed to appear sleek and modern to complement most of Singapore’s contemporary homes or modern office spaces. Together with their impeccable design, digital glass door locks are also equipped with powerful technology and user-friendly features, making them easy to operate, even for new homeowners.

3. Improved Security

Whether using a PIN Code, card, or fingerprint recognition access, our digital glass door locks will improve your home’s security levels. Only authorised people can unlock your premise, making it difficult for intruders to access them. Moreover, you’ll be able to track who comes in and out of your property, even when you’re away.

Upgrade Your Security with Kaadas Glass Door Digital Lock

As the leading manufacturer of high-end digital smart door locks, Kaadas offers a wide range of digital door locks, including our glass door lock sets. Our priority is to provide homeowners in Singapore with a reliable means to enhance their home security. Our digital glass door locks make everyday life more secure and convenient.

Purchase our glass door digital locks and enjoy free delivery and installation services. All our products come with a 2-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Want to check out our digital locks in person? You can visit our store at Mega @ Woodlands, and our experienced customer service team can help you determine which Kaadas digital lock is best for your home.