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What To Look Out For When Buying A Digital Lock

    When buying a digital lock for your HDB flat or private property in Singapore, there are bound to be several common questions or considerations that come to mind. Here are some important things to look out for when selecting and installing a digital smart lock on your home’s main door or gate:

    1. Lock quality

    Kaadas was founded in Velbert, Germany and has been a leading manufacturer of electronic locks for over 30 years. Our 5 global labs are spread out across the world, and we are constantly striving to develop our technology to bring you the latest in digital smart lock capabilities.

    Kaadas digital locks are made with triple bolt cast iron, and fitted with aluminium and zinc alloy lock casings to make each piece both strong and durable. Each lock requires only 4 common 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, and batteries can be easily changed out once the low battery indicator lights up – ensuring your home security system will be intact year-round.

    2. Door or gate suitability

    Not every door or gate is instantly able to house a digital lock. Before you install an electronic lock, here are the requirements your door needs to meet:

    • Door thickness: at least 40mm
    • Distance between main door and gate: at least 80mm
    • Distance from handlebar to edge of door: at least 120mm apart

    As well as the requirements your gate needs to meet:

    • Length and width of area where lock is to be installed: at least 230mm by 100mm with a flat surface
    • Gate thickness: at least 25mm

    If you are still unsure, don’t worry. Reach out to us and our friendly Kaadas product specialists will be able to provide a free consultation about the suitability of your door.

    3. Preferred access methods

    Digital smart locks can be configured for different access methods including PIN codes, fingerprint recognition, RFID cards, or even facial recognition. Most Kaadas locks can be set to require dual verification, such as requiring both fingerprint recognition and a PIN code to unlock, for an additional layer of security. This helps to create a tamper-resistant system to keep you and your family safe.

    4. User profiles

    Something important to keep in mind when choosing your preferred access code is the age or schedule of your family members. Family members who live a fast-paced life or have irregular schedules compared to the rest (e.g. those who frequently work night shifts when everyone else is asleep) will enjoy the convenience of our one-touch unlock fingerprint recognition access mode.

    For elderly or young family members who tend to have faint fingerprints, they can use a PIN code or RFID card instead. Kaadas locks can be configured for multiple simultaneous access modes, so everyone in the family has a convenient way to leave and arrive home securely.

    The Kaadas L7 Digital Lock even comes with an FPC fingerprint sensor embedded directly into the handle, so that you just need to grab the handle to unlock the door. The Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor provides accurate and swift recognition in less than 1 second, making it a breeze to go about your daily routine. You can also add and remove fingerprints easily, or opt for double authentication mode for added security.

    5. Style and design

    Of course every homeowner wants their house to look good, right down to the smallest fittings and fixtures. With Kaadas, you don’t have to worry about bulky locks ruining your home’s carefully planned aesthetic. Our Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) smart lock incorporates the classic beauty of luxury European automobile manufacturer Lamborghini into its design, turning a simple lock into a subtle yet stunning home decor accessory. Other models such as the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock also come in copper and space grey finishes, so that you can have your door lock blend into your home decor with ease.

    Shop quality digital locks online with Kaadas

    Browse our selection of Kaadas digital and electronic locks online on our e-commerce platform to find the right lock for your main door or gate. Find out more in our FAQs or reach out to us to learn more about the digital lock installation process. Each purchase of a Kaadas smart lock comes with free delivery and installation by a trained technician, as well as after sales service and support

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