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Why are Some Digital Locks More Expensive?

    Digital locks have provided Singapore homeowners with life-changing solutions to their home security problems. With the help of modern technology, locking and unlocking your home is as simple as scanning your fingerprint or keying in your code. Digital locks offer reliable security minus the disadvantages of their conventional counterparts

    However this convenience comes with a price. There’s no denying that a digital lock is more expensive compared to a traditional one which might deter some buyers off it despite having unique features and benefits that property owners are sure to appreciate. 

    If you’re planning on purchasing and installing a digital lock for your home or property, you might naturally hesitate to commit because of its price tag or wonder why some digital locks are more expensive than others. Read on to find out why this is the case and why it matters:

    1. Lock Types

    Different types of digital locks have varying prices despite looking similar to each other. However the difference in price may actually be due to how simple or complex the interior locking mechanism of each digital lock is. 

    For example, digital deadbolt locks are some of the simplest locks and tend to be the cheapest – on Kaadas, our RX-C digital deadbolt lock costs just $279. Digital rim locks can be pricier as require installation on your door frame or panel, but are still fairly affordable – our Kaadas R7-2 Digital Lock retails from just $299.

    In contrast, mortise locks tend cost the most as they have additional hardware or mechanism costs. Our digital mortise locks range between $499 to $1,489 depending on whether you choose a lever or push-pull handle type.

    2. Access Functions

    Digital lock prices in Singapore may also differ due to their access functions. Cheaper digital locks such as the Kaadas RX-C Digital Lock typically have just 2-access methods – in this case a PIN code, which can register up to 20 users, and a mechanical key. 

    Digital locks in the mid-range pricing scale usually offer additional access functions. For example the Kaadas R6 Digital Lock has PIN Code, RFID card, and additional fingerprint recognition access that can register up to 100 fingerprints. The Kaadas K9 Digital Lock also has the same 3 access modes as the R6, with an additional mechanical key access suitable for emergency situations. offers even more access methods. Users can access this digital lock through a mechanical key, RFID card (up to 100 cards), PIN code (up to 6 users), and fingerprint scan (up to 100 fingerprints). 

    Digital locks in the highest pricing range  are also set apart by their cutting-edge technology that gives it an edge even over other digital locks. In this case, the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition comes with facial recognition technology that has a whole range of benefits and advantages for users.

    3. Material and Quality

    The difference in the materials used to make the digital locks can also affect their quality and price. Digital door locks are typically made from plastic, and hence tend to be on the cheaper side compared to those made from metals. While digital locks made from plastic can still provide additional security to your home and other properties, it is best to keep an eye out of those made of robust metals. This is because plastic options can become brittle over time and deteriorate in quality. . In this case, paying a higher price for your digital lock made of metal can also mean greater peace of mind.

    4. Branding

    Customers purchasing from established brands benefit from getting better quality and more durable digital door locks that last longer. Trusted digital lock brands also have a proven track record of providing digital door locks that not only boast polished designs but also offer security that you can trust. Aside from high-quality products, established brands that have years of experience in the industry also provide great after-sales service. In addition, customers can easily ask for assistance in case they need help with the locks after installation. When searching for the best digital locks on the market, always choose a trusted name such as Kaadas.

    Find the Best Digital Locks on Kaadas

    The price of digital locks in Singapore can vary as you are paying for additional security functions and features that ordinary locks cannot provide. However despite the price tag it’s important to keep in mind that you get to benefit from the reliability and durability of these high-quality digital locks. 

    Are you planning on installing a digital lock for your home or property? Kaadas offers a wide range of digital door locks that offer more than just security but also peace of mind for your home. Contact us for your orders and enquiries. Free delivery and digital lock installation are also available for every Kaadas purchase.

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