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Why It’s Time To Get A Keyless Security System & Digital Lock

    Keyless digital security systems are becoming more popular in Singapore; but are they the right fit for you and your home? Here are some common situations where it might be time to consider making the switch to a digital or electronic smart lock:

    1. You want an upgrade to better-quality and tamper-proof locks

    Finding a tamper-proof lock is one of the first things any homeowner needs to consider. If you suspect or know that your current door lock has been tampered with, you should always immediately change out the lock. However if you are currently using a padlock and key, switching to a digital smart lock can provide you with a more tamper-proof home security system for peace of mind.

    Kaadas locks such as the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock are made with the best quality-assured materials to ensure that your locks are tamper-proof. Our mortise locks are made with triple bolt cast iron, and our lock casings are made from aluminium and zinc alloy for both strength and durability. Kaadas locks are designed in 5 state-of-the-art research facilities around the world including in China and Europe, with a focus on innovative engineering to bring you the latest in home security technology.

    2. You are moving into a new home

    Moving into your very own HDB flat or private residence is a major Singaporean milestone to celebrate! One of the things at the top of your moving in checklist has got to be finding a security system that is safe, reliable, and suitable. With our wide range of digital electronic locks available online, Kaadas is the ideal choice to begin setting up your new smart home. Each purchase of a Kaadas lock even comes with free delivery and installation, meaning you have one less thing to worry about during the moving process.

    3. You or your family members have lost your keys

    Losing the keys to a padlock is a nerve wracking experience for anyone. Depending on the situation, each member of a shared household might even need to buy their own set of keys or have the entire padlock changed. While this is a good practice to ensure the security of your home, it is time-consuming and inconvenient. For people who live with older relatives or younger children, it can also be stressful to ensure that your family members do not lose their keys while out and about.

    Switching to a digital door lock can help make the home security process smoother and easier for everyone in your household. Kaadas locks can be configured with multiple types of access ranging from PIN code to fingerprint recognition. Models like the Kaadas L7 Digital Lock have a fingerprint sensor embedded right into the handle, so you can simply turn the handle to unlock the door. Kaadas digital locks also enable you to easily and conveniently delete and replace each user’s fingerprint or pin code, making it a hassle-free process to update your home security system.

    4. You want to change up your home’s style

    A popular reason why Singaporean homeowners are switching to keyless security systems is to have a more futuristic smart home style. Compared to bulky and noisy padlocks, sleek and simple digital locks can also help add a touch of elegance to your front door.

    Kaadas is the only digital lock brand in Singapore that has collaborated with European luxury automobile manufacturers to design our locks. Our Kaadas X Lamborghini (The Legend) model incorporates Lamborghini’s beauty into its design, including its curvature, sleek lines and smooth metal finish. This digital lock is more than just a part of your home security network – it’s a subtle yet beautiful piece of home decor too.

    Upgrade your Home Security System with Kaadas Digital Locks today

    Take your home security system to the next level with our range of digital and electronic locks today. Kaadas offers digital lock models in a variety of colours, finishes, and mechanisms so that you can find the right lock for your home. Find out more in our FAQs or reach out to us to learn more about our digital lock installation process. Free delivery and installation is available for all purchases in Singapore.

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