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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you order

✅ Leading manufacturer of high-end digital locks – Founded in Germany, Kaadas has over 30 years of experience in the digital lock industry.
✅ Your trusted brand – Kaadas has transformed lives of over 5 million homeowners in 67 countries across the globe.
✅ Highest standards of quality – With 5 research labs globally, Kaadas has a team of experienced engineers who are constantly creating new and innovative ways to make everyday life easier for every household.
✅ The digital lock for all – Kaadas has a variety of digital locks for you to choose from. You will be able to choose a digital lock that is perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyles.
✅ Our supercars DNA – The only digital lock brand in the world that has collaborated with European luxurious automobiles such as Lamborghini.
✅ No hidden costs – Free pre-purchase consultation, delivery & installation, and 2 years on-site warranty.
✅ Aftersales service – Availability of aftersales service support, easy to contact and get in touch with us.
Read more about us here
Yes, you may visit our store at:

Mega@Woodlands 39 Woodlands Close
#08-62 Singapore 737856

Kaadas digital locks are also available at our authorised resellers.

Delivery & assembly

Yes, every digital lock purchased comes with free delivery and installation.
You may find more information about Kaadas's warranty here.
Installation is available from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 7 pm. After carting out, we will contact you to arrange for delivery. You can specify your desired delivery date and time. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred timing.

We will inform you via SMS or Whatsapp once your delivery date and time are confirmed.

Warranty & returns

Products are warranted for defects in materials and workmanship, including repairs and services within 2 years from the date of purchase. For more details, please visit our warranty page.
You may contact Kaadas Singapore to communicate the issues of your digital lock via Whatsapp at

• WhatsApp: 8711 6780 / 8824 0463

Note: All customers must register your Kaadas lock warranty with us on our website prior to making a warranty claim.
If the digital lock is installed, we will not be able to accept any return of items. However, if the item is shown to be defective parts, warranty coverage is applicable for the period of 2 years subject to registration of locks on our warranty page.

Dual unlocking

  • When opening my gate from the outside: Fingerprint, PIN code, Card, Remote Control
  •  When opening my door from the inside: Remote Control
  • Refer to the “Verification methods that allow dual unlocking” above.
  • Dual unlocking does not work when you open your door from the inside by:
    Pressing the Open/Close button
    Using the lock levers
Yes, you can simply unpair by logging off the network on the door lock. Refer to the pairing steps in user settings, select #2 log off in the door lock to unpair. Alternatively, you can simply remove the module from the door lock.
1. On the back body of your locks: Ensure that your modules are plugged in. 2. On the front body of your door lock (Refer to your respective models): K9, L7, R6 and RX-C • Go into the master mode of the door lock, select function extension (press 4 for L7 and R6, 5 for K9 and 8 for RX-C) and press 1 to join a network • Double click the hole of the module at the gate lock. The Legend • Wake your gate lock by touching the screen. • Go into the master mode of the gate lock, select 5 (to set-up wireless function) and press 1 to join a network • Double click the hole of the module at the Legend • Switch the module of the gate lock and door lock • Pair the remote for the gate lock to the module in the gate lock
Yes. Please reach out to Kaadas Singapore at 8711 6780/ 8824 0463 via Whatsapp to arrange an upgrade. The upgrade will cost $100.

Other resources

There could be 3 reasons why your gate lock is not reacting to the remote. To solve the issue, please try the following methods: 1. Gate lock module is loose The module on the gate lock may have become loose when excessive force is applied when closing the gate. Excessive force ranges from banging on the lock with solid items to slamming the door closed. To fix the module:
  • Open up the back cover
  • Plug out the module
  • Re-insert the module. Ensure that all 8 pins are plugged in fully.
  • Test to see if the remote can work now.

2. Low battery of your remote control Watch how to change your remote-control battery here Note: It is advisable to use the Energizer CR2032 battery as we noticed issues with other brands. When changing the battery, please be careful of the gold clip holding the battery in place. Test the remote and if the issue persists, please try the next step. 3. Re-pair the remote to the lock Take the following steps to pair your remote:
  • press #
  • Enter master PIN then #, press 5
  • Press 1 to add network
  • Use a small pin to press the back of the controller
  • Press unlock on the controller
If the issue persists after all 3 steps were taken, please contact us via WhatsApp at the following number:
  • WhatsApp: 8711 6780 / 8824 0463
Kaadas digital locks require only 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. For models with 8 batteries compartment, we recommend using only 4 batteries at one time to reduce the probability of battery leakages. Use reliable battery brands to prevent battery leakage which could damage your lock. Digital lock damaged from battery leakage is not covered under warranty

Brands such as Panasonic Evolta and Duracell have proven to be more reliable as compared to other brands such as Ikea and GP where battery leakages were encountered before. In addition, please do not use:
  • Carbon-zinc type battery
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lithium batteries
  • Heavy duty or super heavy duty batteries
Batteries should be changed immediately once the low battery indicator lights up. In addition, we recommend customer to change all 4 batteries once every 6 months (even if there is no low battery indicator) as batteries with low power are more prone to battery leakages.