Face Recognition Door Lock

Gaining access to a door with facial recognition is no longer something that only happens in movies –  you can now enjoy the convenience right at your own home! Introducing Kaadas’ first-ever door lock with face recognition, which enables facial recognition for door access. With this technology, you can now access your home in a contactless and safe manner.

Enjoy Contactless Door Access & Enhanced Security

Instead of having to use traditional access methods like fingerprint or key cards, door locks with facial recognition incorporate camera-based readers that authorise entry based on face identities. All you have to do is to walk up and look at the reader. Upon facial recognition, the door unlocks automatically, eliminating the need for any kind of contact.

Apart from enabling touchless access, door locks with facial recognition offer a myriad of other benefits, such as providing those with faint fingerprints or those with sweaty palms an alternative conduit to gain access into their homes. By verifying a person’s identity, based on specific facial features, before granting access, you can keep potential intruders at bay, enhancing your home security. Contactless access also means that you can look forward to a seamless and quick door unlocking process – no more fumbling for keys or cards!

Shop Door Locks With Face Recognition at Kaadas

Switch to door locks with face recognition now to transform your door unlocking experience! Here at Kaadas, we pride ourselves on delivering products of the highest quality standards through constant innovation. With world-class research facilities around the globe and satisfied customers from more than 67 countries globally, we continue to develop products that make everyday life convenient and secure for homeowners.

Whether you have your eyes on door locks that leverage facial recognition for door access or digital fingerprint locks, enjoy free delivery and installation when you purchase our digital locks. Wish to try out the locks in person? Visit our store in MEGA@Woodlands, and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to assist you. If you have further questions, please refer to our FAQs or reach out to us at +65 8711 6780/ 8824 0463 or hello@kaadassg.com.

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