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Kaadas Digital Lock @ Mega@Woodlands

4.9 591 reviews

  • I had an old Samsung digital lock that spoilt even after repair. Fed up and switched to a Kaadas K9. It's so much better! The finger sensor is much more sensitive and faster. And the door locks efficiently with soft close. And the … More bolts look so solid... like a safe with 3 big bolts.
    I'm so happy with this purchase.
    Keet ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Installed Kaadas X Lamborghini The Legend Gold door lock on my existing door. My family love the design and shape of the lock. It provides us the convenience of not bringing a key and it unlocks quite smoothly. The fingerprint unlock option … More is great and sensitive.
    Evelyn Omo ★★★★★ a year ago
  • R6 is good value for money as it offer many ways of unlocking. The fingerprint sensor is a lot better than the other digital lock than I have used. It is compact and very sleek in design. Highly recommended.
    Tang Tuan Huat ★★★★★ 2 years ago
  • Installed Kaadas R6G (Gate Lock). Great product and slim design. So far the fingerprint sensor runs smoothly. Will try out their digital door lock when my current door lock is spoil. 👍👍👍
    john yan ★★★★★ 2 years ago
  • Installed the Kaadas K9 digital door lock for my new home. Both my wife and I love it for the convenience it has brought us. The fingerprint sensor is really quick and unlocking is quick as well.
    Daniel New ★★★★★ 2 years ago
  • Love the Kaadas R6G digital gate lock which installed our BTO metal gate. It’s easy to use & convenient, especially the fingerprint, user friendly. We won’t worried the house key lost in future. Value for money.
    Mayy Ho ★★★★★ 2 years ago

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Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

The invention of biometric technology has paved the way for security solutions that enhance our lives, even the way door locks work. Leveraging unique identifiers like fingerprints, these digital door locks allow us to personalise access for optimal security. Kaadas digital smart locks set themselves apart with the inclusion of Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) biometric sensors that allow users to add fingerprints to control who gets to come in and out of the premises. This innovation that leverages biometrics provides an added layer of security that is largely absent in traditional keyhole systems of doors.

Benefits of Biometric Locks for Doors

While traditional door locks do come with their own set of benefits, smart locks provide a multitude of advantages that makes accessibility a whole lot better. Some of them include:

1. Stress-free Convenience

Prone to misplacing your keys? Losing access to your own home can be a stressful, but common, event. At some point in time, we may forget to bring out the keys and end up having to engage the help of a locksmith to unlock our doors. This can be both time-consuming and expensive. This problem cannot be easily eradicated even if you were to use a security card.

On the other hand, fingerprint digital door locks provide the ultimate convenience of not needing to bring around a cumbersome set of keys. This is especially useful for busy people in a fast-paced environment like Singapore. The Kaadas L7 Digital Lock is equipped with various access methods – including fingerprint functionality – to suit your lifestyle needs. With a Swedish FPC fingerprint sensor that provides accurate and swift recognition, the days of being locked out are behind you.

2. Seamless Security

No two sets of fingerprints are identical. Each one is unique and cannot be easily replicated. Therefore, a fingerprint-enabled entryway opens up only for people who are authorised, making it extremely hard for intruders to gain access. Unlike traditional door locks, a digital system also cannot be picked.

The Kaadas K9 Digital Lock, for example, possesses a biometric fingerprint scanner that has a capacity limit of 100 different fingerprints. Pair this biometric function with its fake PIN code feature to provide an additional layer of security, and you can rest assured that biometric door locks are more than capable of elevating the security levels of your home.

3. Appearance And Usability

Apart from their high-tech security features, fingerprint door locks are aesthetically pleasing with a futuristic look. They blend well with modern homes in Singapore, lending a sleek and premium look. These systems are also extremely user-friendly with simple installation and easy operation. In collaboration with Lamborghini, Kaadas x Lamborghini The Legend is a first in the international digital lock scene. Sporting revolutionary technology and an integrated parabolic design inspired by the luxury brand, this digital lock with biometric readers is a conversation starter for all homeowners in Singapore.

Equip Your Home with Kaadas Biometric Door Locks

Kaadas is the leading manufacturer of high-end smart digital locks, offering a wide range of fingerprint, PIN and other keyless solutions designed to enhance the lifestyles of homeowners in Singapore and around the world. With a fully integrated in-house supply chain and strong expertise in product research and development, our digital locks meet the highest quality standards.

Interested to try out our fingerprint digital door locks? Contact our extensive list of authorised resellers located around Singapore to find out more. All products come with a 2-year warranty.

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Product NameAccess MethodsPriceBundle Up (with R8GD Gate Lock)Dual Unlocking
1Kaadas K20 Pro Max Mortise [Face Recognition][WiFi] Digital LockFace, WiFi, App Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key 1,2691,629No
2Kaadas K20 Pro [WiFi] Digital LockWiFi, App, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key1,0691,449No
3Kaadas K9 Mortise Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key7891,199Yes
4Kaadas K9-5W Mortise Digital Lock [WiFi Enabled]WiFi, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key8391249No
5Kaadas S110 Lever Mortise Digital LockWiFi, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key6491069No
6Kaadas L7 Mortise Lever Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key5991,029Yes
7Kaadas M9 Mortise Lever Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key499939No
8Kaadas R8 Rim Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card339799Yes
9Kaadas RX-C Deadbolt Digital LockPIN Code, Mechanical Key279739Yes
11Kaadas R8GD Gate Digital LockDual Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key, Remote539-Yes
12Kaadas R8L Glass Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card339