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Kaadas Digital Smart Lock @ Mega@Woodlands

4.9 587 reviews

  • I like the device looks so sleek
    In terms of service, prompt and installation was smooth. Came earlier than expected
    Easy to use even for my kids to just key pin and also can track by app
    Overall satisfied
    nur syahidah ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Easy to install & use apps on mobile phone, classy design with good quality, look expensive. Warranty register on Kaadas website is easy. Customer service is great.
    Patria Chua ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Is really great that I bought and install Kaadas, it is easy to open and close the door by remote control, or thumbprint, or Apps control which is so convenient and efficient. Also the great after sale service and fast response. Will strongly … More recommend to my friends and relatives. Thumbs up.
    Desmond Chan ★★★★★ 2 years ago

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Digital Lock with WiFi

With the rise of smart devices and smart homes, the need for connectivity is more prevalent than ever. Integrating smart applications into your mobile phones is now one of the most valuable features, allowing you to elevate the practicality of your device.

When it comes to home security, digital locks are the smart way to protect your home. Aside from their advanced technological features, digital locks now come with WiFi connectivity capabilities that allow homeowners to connect them with their handheld devices for a more convenient way to monitor their homes.

Technology-Driven Home Security

Kaadas' WiFi lock exemplifies unparalleled safety and reliability, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a digital lock with WiFi capabilities. With seamless integration of WiFi technology, our WiFi locks offer advanced connectivity, allowing you to remotely monitor door access activity from anywhere via the real-time access log. Moreover, Kaadas' WiFi lock boasts exceptional reliability, ensuring consistent performance and peace of mind. Whether it's for your home or office, our WiFi locks provide the utmost convenience, enhanced security, and seamless connectivity, making it a reliable and trustworthy choice for modern access control needs.

But that’s not all. Our WiFi locks can be controlled and managed through WiFi connectivity, allowing you to access your home’s doors anytime and anywhere even when you are away. Connect the WiFi lock to your handheld device for a convenient way to generate temporary PIN allowing entry remotely.

Benefits of Digital Locks with WiFi

When it comes to the benefits of a WiFi lock, there are several advantages that set it apart from traditional digital door locks. Specifically tailored to WiFi capabilities, these locks offer unique features and advantages for modern access control:

1. Enable access remotely 

The key benefit of a WiFi lock is the ability to enable access remotely using a smartphone or other internet-connected devices. Whether you're at work, on vacation, or simply away from home, you can easily allow entry to your premises effortlessly by simply using your phone to generate a temporary PIN to grant a one time access into your home. This feature provides an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility.

2. Real-Time Access Log

WiFi locks offer a real-time access log feature that allows you to monitor and track the history of entries and exits from your property. This log provides detailed information about the dates and times when your door was locked or unlocked, giving you complete visibility into who accessed your property and when. By having access to this real-time access log, you can ensure accountability and maintain an added layer of security and peace of mind.

3. Enhanced Security Features

WiFi locks often come with additional security features, such as temporary app generated OTP codes. You can generate time-limited codes for visitors or service providers, ensuring controlled access to your home.

With the benefits of remote access, enhanced security features, and more, WiFi locks provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for modern access control needs.

Shop for WiFi Locks on Kaadas

With Kaadas’ digital locks with WiFi, the connection is made simple. You won’t need special programmes or hardware to pair our digital locks with your mobile devices — all you’ll need is a stable WiFi connection. You can equip your doors and gates with a reliable WiFi lock to ensure you and your family are safe.

Schedule an appointment with our experts and have a WiFi lock installed on your doors. You can also check out our smart door locks, glass door lock sets, and synchronise digital locks to upgrade the conventional door locks in your home. Any purchases from our online store entitle you to free delivery and installation as well.

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Product NameAccess MethodsPriceBundle Up (with R8GD Gate Lock)Dual Unlocking
1Kaadas K20 Pro Max Mortise [Face Recognition][WiFi] Digital LockFace, WiFi, App Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key 1,2691,629No
2Kaadas K20 Pro [WiFi] Digital LockWiFi, App, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key1,0691,449No
3Kaadas K9 Mortise Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key7891,199Yes
4Kaadas K9-5W Mortise Digital Lock [WiFi Enabled]WiFi, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key8391249No
5Kaadas S110 Lever Mortise Digital LockWiFi, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key6491069No
6Kaadas L7 Mortise Lever Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key5991,029Yes
7Kaadas M9 Mortise Lever Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key499939No
8Kaadas R8 Rim Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card339799Yes
9Kaadas RX-C Deadbolt Digital LockPIN Code, Mechanical Key279739Yes
11Kaadas R8GD Gate Digital LockDual Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key, Remote539-Yes
12Kaadas R8L Glass Digital LockFingerprint, PIN Code, Card339